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Bulgaria Factfile

Bulgaria Flag
  • Surface Area - Bulgaria is the 15th largest country by surface area on the European continent, with a relatively small 110,993 sq km.

  • Borders - The country stretches 521 kms from the Serbian border to the Black Sea, and 330 kms from Romania to Greece.

  • Capital City - Sofia. Other main cities and towns - Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas.

  • Local Time - The local time is +2 hours from Western European [GMT] and +1 hour from Central European time [CET - Paris, Rome, Madrid]. Summer time is from late March through to late October.

  • Climate - Bulgaria has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are generally cold, often with snowfall and an average temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. Summers are hot and dry with an average temperature of 23+ degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn are mild and generally sunny.

  • Political System - Bulgaria is a Parliamentary Republic, divided into 28 Administrative Regions [Oblast].

  • Memberships - Bulgaria joined NATO in March 2004, and became a member of the European Union on 1st January 2007.

  • Currency - The official currency is the Bulgarian Lev [BGN]. The Lev is pegged to the Euro at a rate of BGN 1.95583 to Euro 1.

  • Population - As of 1st February 2011, the date of the most recent census, the population of Bulgaria is 7,364,570 persons.

  • Language - The country's official language is Bulgarian, and the mother tongue for 85.2% of the population [5,659,024 persons]. Other languages in use correlate with ethnicity, with Turkish being the mother tongue for 9.1% of the population [605,802 persons], and Roma for 4.2% of people [281,217 persons]. The official alphabet is Cyrillic.

  • Communications - The country's international telephone dialling code is +359

Roger Jones Golf Design in Bulgaria

Roger Jones has been providing golf design and golf advisory services to golf developers and golf projects in Bulgaria since 2007. He has spoken at golf, leisure and tourism conferences in Bulgaria a number of times, and has built up a network of respected friends and associates in the industry, all of whom are professional, and keen to see the industry develop and grow. Roger Jones can be contacted at any time on all matters relating to the development of the golf industry in Bulgaria in general, or regarding a specific project - CLICK HERE to contact us now

Roger Jones Golf Design is the golf course architect and advisor for a 36-hole golf & leisure estate project, namely Diva Roza Country Estate, in the Yambol province of the country, and has advised a number of other clients on a variety of golf development, and other golf investment, and golf management and marketing issues.

For more information on the range of services available to clients in Bulgaria CLICK HERE

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