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Romania Factfile

Romania Flag
  • Surface Area - Romania has a surface area 238,391 sq km.

  • Borders - Romania has border with a number of countries; Bulgaria 608kms, Hungary 443kms, Moldova 450kms, Serbia 476kms, Ukraine [north] 362 km, Ukraine [east] 169 kms. It has a Black Sea coastline of 225kms

  • Capital City - Bucharest. Other main cities and towns - Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta, Craiova, Galati, Brasov - all of which have a resident population in excess of 200,000 persons.

  • Local Time - The local time is +2 hours from Western European [GMT] and +1 hour from Central European time [CET - Paris, Rome, Madrid]. Summer time is from late March through to late October.

  • Climate - Because of its position on the southeastern portion of the European continent, Romania has a climate which ranges from temperate to continental. Climatic conditions are somewhat modified by the country's varied topography. The Carpathians serve as a barrier to Atlantic air masses, limiting their oceanic influences to the west and center of the country [Transylvania, Banat and Maramures], which have milder winters and heavier rainfalls as a result. The mountains also block the continental influences of the vast plain to the north in the Ukraine, which results in frosty winters and less rain to the south and southeast.

    In the extreme southeast, Black Sea influences offer a milder, maritime climate. The average annual temperature is 11 C [51.8 F] in the south and middle-south and 8 C [46.4 F] in northeast.
    In Bucharest, the temperature ranges from average low -5 C [23 F] in January to average high 29 C [84.2 F] in July and August, with average temperatures of -3 C [26.6 F] in January and 23 C [73.4 F] in July and August. Rainfall, although adequate throughout the country, decreases from west to east and from mountains to plains. Some mountainous areas receive more than 1,010 mm [39.8 in] of precipitation each year. Annual precipitation averages about 635 mm [25 in] in central Transylvania, 521 mm [20.5 in] at Iasi in Moldavia, and only 381 mm [15 in] at Constanta on the Black Sea.

  • Political System - Romania is a Parliamentary Republic, divided into 41 Administrative Counties.

  • Memberships - Romania joined NATO in 2004 and the European Union in 2007.

  • Currency - The Romanian Leu [plural: lei]; ISO 4217 code RON) is the national currency of Romania. One leu is subdivided into 100 bani [singular: ban]. The rate of exchange with the Euro is in the region of Euro 1 = 4.3 Lei [RO].

  • Population - As of July 2011, the date of the most recent estimate, the population of Romania is 21,904,551 persons.

  • Language - The country's official language is Romanian, and the mother tongue for 91% of the population. Other languages in use are Hungarian [6.7% of the population], and Romany [1.1% of the population].

  • Communications - The country's international telephone dialling code is +40

Roger Jones Golf Design in Romania

Roger Jones provides golf course design and golf advisory services to golf developers and golf projects in Romania. He was recently a speaker at a hotels, hospitality, leisure and tourism conference in Bucharest, Romania, and can see and hear that there is a growing apetite for golf, and the development of new golf facilities that can complement hotels and other leisure and tourism facilities.

Roger Jones has established a network of respected friends and associates in the golf, hotels, hospitality, leisure, real estate and associated industries, all of whom are professional, and keen to see the industry develop and grow.

Roger Jones Golf Design can be contacted at any time on all matters relating to the development of the golf industry in Romania in general, or regarding a specific project - CLICK HERE to contact us now

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